Attention to detail is the name of the game in siding. For the last 34-years, Windows & More has raised the bar on custom siding in our area. From accent shakes, shingles, and shapes, to vinyl and composite dentil molding, window and door surrounds, let us show you how to separate your home from everyone else’s on the block. Our insulated siding qualifies for the tax credit and we offer the widest available color pallet – including designing your own custom colors. Our siding program has you covered!

There may be an energy leak in your home that is consting you money every day! Heat bypasses the pink insolation in your wall cavity and transfers through the wooden studs, allowing energy to leak through your walls. This process is called “thermal bridging”.

Nearly 25% of your homes wall is made up of these studs that typically are not insulated, so its like having one wall of your home with no insulation.

The best time to add insulation to the walls of your home is when new siding is installed. In fact the U.S. Department of Energy says “When new siding is installed, it is a good idea to consider adding thermal insulation under new siding.”

Detail is just as important on the outside of your home as it is on the inside. Thats exactly why we developed Prodigy. Every detial of Prodigy siging is engineered  to impart optimum beaty and performance to the whole. From thick, eneregy-saving insulation to beatuiful colors that are protected from weathering for life. These are just a few of the things Prodigy can mean to your home and your peace of mind.

Royal Building Products offers a variety of building products to complement  any home including Premium Vinyl Siding, Soffit, Shutters, Mounts & Vents,  Vinyl & Aluminum Columns, Accessories, and Railings.

We are one of North America’s largest manufacturers of vinyl building products. Our strength comes  from the fact that we design and build our own manufacturing equipment, refine and blend most  raw materials and transport products to distributors using our own fleet trucks.

Royal products are not only superior in appearance, but also in durability. We invest heavily in high-tech  research and development, which has led to our advanced Royalside™ Compound and Dura  Technology™ process. We hold a large number of patented manufacturing processes

At The Foundry, we respect the natural beauty of cedar. The natural grain and random patterns add character to a home.

We work in the old-world tradition to use over 100 different molds that capture the natural traits of hand split cedar. All our claddings have a texture that is carried through to the bottom edge of the panel to give an authentic rough-sawn look. This level of detail is only possible with our proprietary process.

Wood siding is beautiful on a home, but it can quickly crack, fade, buckle and rot. Wood can also be expensive and time-consuming to maintain. When you install siding from The Foundry, you can be assured that it will offer superior performance on your home. It won’t peel, flake or blister. Our product meets the highest industry standard for safety and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. This siding is made from self-extinguishing PVC, which means that it won’t ignite when exposed to an open flame.