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Since 1985
Always A Grand Opening!
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We've designed a narrow line patented window that emulates the
look of traditional windows. But to make this narrow line window
strong, energy efficient, and maintenance free, we married PVC
with Fiberglass and created a material called FiberCore - an
all-new way of making a window. The internal core of the
extrusion is made of a protruded core of fiberglass, because
it's stronger than PVC, metal, or wood. And it's extremely
thermally efficient.
Homeowners have told us many things: They want windows
which are extremely energy efficient to save money heating
and cooling their homes. They want windows which look
great so the value of their home is enhanced. They want windows
which are strong and durable enough to last a lifetime. And they
want windows which require virtually no maintenance and upkeep.

Specially-designed Sunrise Windows features make sense for
any room. Fusion-welded corners and naturally-sloped sills eliminate
the need for unsightly drain holes and guard against possible leaks.
And unlike typical windows, all Sunrise Windows feature not one,
but three continuous weather-strip seals, making them virtually
airtight. Thanks to built-in features like self-tensioning balances,
you need not bother with adjustments, or constant lubrication
which typical balances require. So you will enjoy a draft-free
home, without the hassle of time-consuming service problems.
Also, our unique pivot system allows sashes to tilt into
your home for ease of cleaning – sashes remove in a flash and
can be reinstalled just as quickly! Our windows are
manufactured to such tight standard that when lock, there is
virtually no slop or movement.
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Engineered with the best of today's technology, such as multi-chambered
vinyl frames and sashes, made of the purest vinyl resin components.
New River Vinyl Replacement Windows come
standard with High Performance LowE Glass and
Super Spacer, the best non-metallic solid silicone
foam spacer system available (see tech page).
And when it comes to beauty, the all fusion welded
beveled exterior frames enhanced just the right
look for your remodeling project. Our slim line
fusion welded sashes offer up to 25% more visible
light than other replacement windows
on the market.
                   New River Series Vinyl Replacement Windows were engineered to 
                   Make a difference in your home. No other window today out 
                   performs the Quality and Value of our replacement windows.
Windows & More is the largest dealer of custom replacement windows in our area. From fiberglass
to wood, virgin vinyl and commercial grade aluminum, we offer a wide array of products to meet
any need.

All of our quality residential windows qualify for the American Recover and Reinvestment tax
stimulus – right out of the gate. Starting at $179 installed we have a custom window for any budget.
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